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Invest in Bulgaria.


At first we will thank you for visit our website and we hope to be as clear as possible for you. 

We will try explaine you on the simple way the most operations you have to do for buying a property in Bulgaria. But questions about special circumstances are welcome by phone or e-mail.


Since Bulgaria joined the EU it has become easier to own a house in the country,but it remains a risk for those who are quite sensitive and impulsive and with too much emotional feelings buy a holiday home which afterwards was not the intention. For example,that the cost of the renovation risen to high or the constructor fails to comply the agreements. Such cases occur frequently because a lot of companies think that the West European buyers have enough money.Often the prices are sky high in proportion to the actual value of the

property. As we have already learned,and is not very hard to find out. Compare prices on the websites that offer many real estate agents.

Some people think that buying a house in Bulgaria is always a good deal. But keep an eye on it!

It depends also from the area and the place in the village or town where you want settle, etc.

Don't hesitate and we will be there for you to negotiate about the price and to make the deeds clear with less bureaucratic nonsence.












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For sale or lease please contact us!

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We focus on the German and UK markets

If you have special wishes just mail and

we search for you.




  Purchase and sales advice.

   Just tell us your wishes and we will advise or searching till your



  Cheap company formation.

  According to Bulgarian law it is necessary to start a company  

  formation for the purchase of a property. 

  The price for company formation is 600 BGleva.

  For only a company formation please email for price.

  Help with opening of bank accounts linked to the firm.


  Help with choosing insurance policies.

   We will help you to choose the best insurances.


  Bulgarian license plates for your own car?

   Yes, no problem... It is possible in one day to transfer your

   own car with Bulgarian license plates with the all in onepackage.

   All in one: New Bulgarian licence and plates, car vignette to drive 

   in whole Bulgaria, pollution levy and insurance for one year 

   heavy cars like Jeeps. Price 1270 BGleva.  



     New offer 39950.-   Renovated building....