Did you know that in Bulgaria income of any individual is subject to a flat income tax rate of 10% in 2011?

The standard rate of tax for a Bulgarian corporate tax in in 2011 is 10%.


An individual in Bulgaria is liable for tax on his income as an employee as well as on income as a self-employed person. In the case of an individual who answers the test of a "permanent resident" of Bulgaria, tax will be calculated both on his income earned in Bulgaria and overseas.


























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 House in Lyubentsi with 4000sqm plot for renovation.

 In beautiful mountain area and 200/300 meter from a

 river. The last owner was renovate the roof as you can se

 on the pictures bud by unknown reasons it is for sale

 again. It is a good opportunity for those who want to 

 repaire the roof by themself. In the register are 3 barns

 witch is no problem to rebuild without extra license.

 The ground floor has no walls and use the full surface of 

 the house. The second floor has 3 rooms and a little one 

 for a bathroom. The road from the "highway" Sofia/Varna

 stops at the end of the village. Nothrough roadthus very

 suitablefor tranquility. There are no shops and maybe an

 idea for starting something. There is one resident who's

 coming from England. The village is at the foot of the

 Balkan mountains. The Bulgarian people call it the

 "Stara planina" the old mountain. The village is 10km from

 the road Sofia/Varna. 50km to the old capitol Veliko

 Tarnovo with with a touristic mediaevalfortress.
 For those who love walking in the wood it is a beautiful

 place to live with a beautiful view.

 For more questions contact by e-mail.


 Price: 6750                        More pics...