Did you know that in Bulgaria income of any individual is subject to a flat income tax rate of 10% in 2011?

The standard rate of tax for a Bulgarian corporate tax in in 2011 is 10%.


An individual in Bulgaria is liable for tax on his income as an employee as well as on income as a self-employed person. In the case of an individual who answers the test of a "permanent resident" of Bulgaria, tax will be calculated both on his income earned in Bulgaria and overseas.


























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Nice house in Sadina. 60km from the old capitol

Veliko Tarnovo. 20km to Popovo and 30km to Razgrad.

60km to Ruse and 40km to Targovishte.

Massiv stone building with a plot of 2210sqm.

Restauration object.

Price: 6200,-


There are options to buy a lot of agriculture land near this

house! So it is very suitable as farm because it is close to

the cities for good sales.


For more opportunities you can always e-mail.

E-mail: info@bulvilla.com










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